Test stands

Our test bay comprises a total of 10 highly automated test benches where we can carry out continuous, parallel measurements of any duration in 24-hour operation. All test benches are equipped with the most state-of-the-art dynamometers as well as cooling and conditioning systems. This enables us to test any vehicle configuration under any static or dynamic road and environmental conditions, from simulating everyday journeys to material testing under extreme conditions.

  • 9 engine test benches
  • 1 single-axle powertrain test bench
    • Multi-configuration model

Special measuring technology

Our facilities also feature highly specialised measuring and analysis systems which we can use to tailor our tests to your specific requirements. We can also rent the necessary equipment for you if your enquiry goes beyond our technical possibilities.

  • Facility for dynamic online oil consumption measurements
  • Combustion analysis systems
    • Indicator systems
      Peak pressure monitoring systems
      Customer-specific systems
  • Exhaust air analysis systems
    • 5-component AMAs
      Smoke emission test equipment
      AVL Micro Soot Sensor
      Particle count test equipment
  • Vibration measurement equipment
    • on all test stand drives
  • Reilhofer early stage damage detection systems
  • Flowmeters
    • to calculate blow-by volume, air mass, volume of coolants and oil


In addition to test stands, our location features a variety of workrooms and logistical facilities to transport, prepare and fill units under test, evaluate test results, perform repairs and much more. These additional facilities work with the test bay so as to guarantee the most efficient operations possible.

  • Workshops and laboratories
    • Mechanical workshop
      Pallet workshop
      Electrical workshop
      Engine assembly and dismantling
      Engine diagnostics
      Measuring room
      Photo laboratory
      Calibration laboratory
  • Tank storage
    • 8 fuel tanks
      Entry controls
  • Logistics
    • Own collection and drop-off service

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